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if you do find my brief[s'] note, play me a 'do' on the g-string lowercase theory

ever-one is welcome to gatecrash
simply because i'm a panty-yeast
and i embrace all phenomena in the cosmos
as valid regardless of their truth-value.
however, ever-one, which person who pants
like a pantyless schmuck needs a panty
anyway, right?
maybe we should talk this with the likes
of heinekenstein, of hawk-king, of say-gone, et al,
over tea held by teabags made of panty-fabric.
also, we could send boo-duh an invite
to make it less tunnel-visioned.
[again: right?]
and, we must not forget jeezus freakin cripes
who's so fond of bread made from panty-yeast --
if he's not so busy defecating wholly crêpe, that is.
ok, seek hands... and, flight!

[you'll have to pardon the seemingly-vitriolic[?]
humor[?] i'm compelled to spawn here;
remember that i'm forever stuck at being
a 12-yr old, and you, 'grownups', should watch
what you're saying around me.]

aka Ultimate Funteehee-yeast Crapmanship [UFC]

as another stolid attempt at poo'em wholliness

buy yores trolly,

     /   \
     : )


'panty-yeast' is my dear oxymoron which i afforded myself who tends to go 'hang loose' most of the time.

yes, i'm a panty-yeast, and the derivative bread that results from it is the proverbial edible undies whose horny charm never dies, hahaha...

if you have a bread fetish, i bet you can do the math of carbo-overloading.


World Pantheism Movement Belief Statement

1. Reverence, awe, wonder and a feeling of belonging to Nature and the wider Universe.

2. Respect and active care for the rights of all humans and other living beings.

3. Celebration of our lives in our bodies on this beautiful earth as a joy and a privilege.

4. Realism - acceptance that the external world exists independently of human consciousness or perception.

5. Strong naturalism - without belief in supernatural realms, afterlives, beings or forces.

6. Respect for reason, evidence and the scientific method as our best ways of understanding nature and the Universe.

7. Promotion of religious tolerance, freedom of religion and complete separation of state and religion.


i'd say #5 has to be tweaked a bit, since 'energy' is self-sufficient and eternal, and so continuity and infinite possibilities are logical considerations.

: )

26 Jun 11

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Jesus freaking hell.
If you choose to spy on my heart, be a little more discreet.
 — Known

all the more reason you must pardon
this nincompoopy spy-dork.

and, thanks for stopping


; )
 — fractalcore

Seriously though, wtf?
 — Known

12-yr old kiddingly, where's the funteehee-yeast?

 — fractalcore

L3-L4...it is a category mistake to call 'phenomema' 'valid'. Validity is a formal property of argument had in virtue of their logical form. It is another category mistake to imply that 'phenomena' have 'truth-values'. Truth-values are properties of propositions. the proposition 'Bob is the present king of France' has a truth value (it's false), but a tornado has no truth value.

L5-L6....these lines are syntactically malformed, which actually makes them just gibberish.

L8-L11...I assume you are digging at Wittgenstein, Hawking, Buddha and Sagan. But for the life of me, I have no idea what the dig is, or why you've picked them out. (btw, there are so many many Buddha's that even if you bothered to spell the name right your target would be too ambiguous to mean anything to the reader...try using the name of the Buddha you have in mind: Siddhartha Gautama, Bodhidhamra etc).

L15-L17...simply venomously antri-religious bigotry parading as pseudo-cleverness. Reads like the diary of a mmoy and daddy hating 13 year old atheist.
 — aptaylor