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it was the way you touched my skin...

i used to be cold
before summer dropped you off
and left you
on the edge of my bed–
your eyes were afraid of mine
like i was made of glass;
you tried to handle me with care
until i told you
i was dead
because a thousand tears
could not prove
that i've been broken
and you just wanted me
for the night
you were right–
i'd flip you
across the moon
if i could
then watch you fall
while my heart
remains a canyon
you fly over
when she's gone

12 Jul 11

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nice poem.  howev, I'm thinking you could probably get away with omitting lines 4, 24 & 25?  melikes but would like more sans them extras.
 — JKWeb

thanks web.
i did omit L4
thanks for your keen eye.
 — mandolyn

Loverly Ms. Mandolyn.  1-4 in particular.
 — sybarite

thanks syb
i'm not feeling it lately...
 — mandolyn

which boy is this about?
i like line 1
 — unknown

a mountain boy from long ago
i brought him out, dusted him off and re-styled him
 — mandolyn

^^ L1, yeah...i'm sure you do

i like L15
 — mandolyn

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 — unknown