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Rise of the Coloured Empires

A pink seed takes root -
Bullies pick on me daily
A voice says "enough!"

14 Jul 11

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 — unknown

this is perfect in its own jittered and timid way. I congratulate you on your colour choice.
 — lysandre

Thank you, lysandre
 — sahibtorun

I like this quite a bit. nice title too, are you brittish perhaps? that's my sad face up top. also what does your name mean, may I ask that?
 — Hesher

Hi Hesher,

Nope im not british...im from Singapore...sahibtorun is my surname...lol...My name is Muslim Sahib Torun...my name is Muslim...my surname is Sahib(Indian)...and my step fathers surname is torun (Turkish)...i like you long hair...where are you from?
 — sahibtorun