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True Love

I am no real gardener  
but I love my garden
with its curvy path
and flowers that splash the dull
with singing sun
Dotted around are loyal friends,
so stony still, yet so alive with welcome:
Ducky, Piggy, Sheepy, Squirrel,
and freshly arrived it's...   Turtle
There are some trees that hide the world
they are too tall but smaller would not fit
whilst on the lawn the daisies dance
and dandy sometimes takes his chance
Great grasses sway at every verge
as if in taunt of strimmer's urge
While birdies speak in shrill regard
for this their chosen patch of Earth
And I just gaze from shady peace
as gentle nature whispers cheer
For I am no real gardener;
but my garden loves me.

20 Jul 11

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 — unknown

Ok, ta :)
 — unknown

 — unknown

Love It. Especially the animals. I like how they suddenly don't rhyme - it's courageous!
 — beelzebub2

gardens are winners
 — unknown

Hah! Ta b       & unk
 — unknown

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