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Take a knife and stab me in your pants

Take a knife and stab me,
Swirl me around and hurl me.
What is life when there is so much pain?
Just crippling you,
And ripping you.
Only giving you a moment of relief,
Before stabbing you,
And stabbing you,
To make sure you are dead,
Even though you have been laying there for hours
In a pool of blood,
With your face so serene
so lifeless
and in these final moments,
you ask yourself the most important question of life
Should I have waffles or scrambled eggs for breakfast?
scrambled eggs...
scrambled eggs....
scrambled eggs

28 Jul 11

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with flying colours
 — funes

Thank you
 — sahibtorun

you've been listening to old jack benny programs again and didn't think any of us would know this routine.
 — trashpoodle

Im sorry trashpoodle i dont know who jack benny is...i had to google him...Im asian living in singapore...i dont know your american culture.
 — sahibtorun