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chatting with a stranger on omegle

back in the fall of 2009
I had an hour long conversation with a stranger on omegle:
a german man in his early 20’s
working what he calls “the comatose shift”
at some chain retailer
& living in a like-minded barbed wire district
on the outskirts of cologne.
says he prefers to take his daily smoke breaks
on a stone bridge
running over a dried up riverbed covered in weed
near his apartment complex
& always grabs a liter or two of milk
from the local grocer
on his walk back
because he once had the crazy idea
that calcium will make him grow a little bit faster:
perhaps blacken his lungs some years earlier
& he's run with it ever since—
tells me that he loves when good things go bad.
he asked me whether america, real america
is what wikipedia
makes it out to be:
the lady liberty, vast cornfields tinting the land a golden yellow,
& hollywood cheekbones on plasma greens,
to which I asked whether his cologne—
streamlined arches & unworldly towers
like those in the german expressionist film metropolis
is really what the future looks like.
& we both said no.
"no, i'm sorry, but I have to go now. schoolwork to finish up
& sleep & life to live..."
when he wanted me to stay a while longer.
asked for my name
says he wants to get to know a real american,
not the canon snapping breed who come for the upscale pubs
& cathedrals from the ancient mornings
when his people still had faith.
I said no. to leave
some emptiness: a bedroom window ajar in searching
some sentimental distance
that will let us forget the millions of rivers between us.

4 Aug 11

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hmmm.../heads off to omegle. :)
 — unknown

i had no idea...
 — Sequiturist

porque no commentos?
 — unknown

 — Sequiturist

Yeah I kinda dig this sort of poetry, interesting worldly experiences put into narrative.

I like your characterization.

I think "he's run with it ever since" reads smoother.

Litre* alwYs looks right to me, guess that's our differences right there :)

Thought a few spots need spit; as in, polish or perk up, some near the end was losing my interest a tad, but it was a nice read, thanks.
 — jenakajoffer

greats, thanks for the comments, jen!
 — Sequiturist

cool omegle poem. I had also written one a while back titled 'ASL?' check it out if you care to, this is much better imo...I'm not sure why but i got disinterested during the discriptions of the countries...it felt unnatural. i LOVE the end though. very nice exit note.
 — Known

tysm, Known. I made changes to the poem after reading your comments. :)
 — Sequiturist

I agree with Known.
 — unknown

poignant piece. bravo, mate!
 — unknown

I see you made changes. I like it.
 — unknown

 — Sequiturist