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Death by a Thousand Papercuts

One email flew by
I’m bleeding from a papercut
Another one zooming towards me
Matrix dodge just in time
The sky begins to rumble
A wave of emails from above
Falling like rain of arrows on a battlefield
Death by a Thousand Papercuts
Do I stand and except my fate
Or do I run for shelter?
There is no time

23 Aug 11

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really... an email? tell me how you get a papercut from an email.. lol.. seriously
 — Thenameless

Im at work...the emails at work are rasor sharp...lol
 — sahibtorun

Should I be taking this seriously? or was it supposed to be one of those lame jokes that's funny because it's so bad?
 — punchedup

Tell me wat is so bad about it? Tell me its bad doesnt help me.
 — sahibtorun

Tell me wat is so bad about it? Telling me its bad doesnt help me get better
 — sahibtorun

Dude, this poem rocks.. in such a way that feeble minds will never understand.
 — Thenameless

Thx Thenameless
 — sahibtorun