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gluten is good, and i'm a frustrated vegetarian

wings chew on dead leaf
when threads leave
as fried as a hypercube
ill-conceived in pish-tanks!
diss is pun
in a nut's hell --

rest in pieces!


20 Sep 11

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surely this type of harassment CANNOT be allowed?

i demand, by all that is good and holy, invoking the name of the site protector (woodyharrelson) that this disgusting piece of subversion be suspended to new comments by a moderator immediately, if not by thursday.

Thank You.
 — unknown

thor's daze are out-numb-bird, dough.

his clipped wings say DUH!
 — fractalcore

"out-numb-bird dough"

sounds like their could flaccid ejaculation issues.

blame bauer, root of all evil, and your lo-cal government, vegetarian cannonballs, all.
 — unknown

our case is a nut's hell
free of polly-ticking clocks
save for polyfaceted hands
light on the right-tracked

 — fractalcore

hoo! (wants a cracker)
hoo! (wants a cracker)
hoo! (wants a cracker)
 — unknown

polly wants a crackhead?
kurn cobait wooed bee
sooooo dead!


him sitting on his left
hand, father-leader
of an angst band.

 — fractalcore

smells like skank spirit
floating through the lea
past the ored-charred
tree where i carbed
our names in glue-
ten years ago
when i apiaried
wooed bee
 — unknown

is that your dog
finally figuring
out his-her-eats
alpha-omega soup?

sup, dawg?

he-she-eat is
wagging that thready
tail all-ready,

kicking the buttlet
as he-she-eat

head rolling, heading
for the stark, tricked,
singular jugulareality.



 — fractalcore

... as long as you don't commit suicide by gluttoning gluten, 'cause they'd take down 'yer poem for committing atrocities on all these young impressionable retire'd eeeeees
 — AlchemiA

Alc, the question is: has poetry finally committed suicide?

 — fractalcore

yes, sHe did and it was with a whimper not a gun--then, as sHe floated upward to the portal leading to the next world, sHe removed her reading glasses informing the oglers 'n critics that sHe wouldn't be needing them…no visual enhancement needed to glimpse the farther shore. Next, sHe removed a piece of paper from her pocket saying sHe wouldn't need that either…perhaps, notes for a final lyrical FB status? Let's hope sHe'll have something better to do on the other side...
 — AlchemiA

Whole wheat spaghetti is disgusting; i have no interest in ever trying gluten-free. Might just as well ship me off to the UK, take my life away, and name me self-proclaimed protector of PC.
 — unknown