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Season Six

I sit in this house full of sadness. The man I love is
consumed by this madness.  I stare longingly at this
hollow shell who shoos me away austerely.
But I know the boy he was, when he tried that first kiss.
I love the man he'll be, and I love the man he is.
He asks me how I love him, says he's dangerous.
It's not just you I love, It's us.  
I told him how I felt.
It's not about the money, or the cards you're dealt.
It's about the shit between us that feels like gravity,
Forgiving the depravity and sharing our reality.
I watch his eyes grow dim, and see the lights go out.
He drops his head in slumber and his smoke falls to the ground.
I pick it up and put it out and take a look around.  
I hate this energy, the silence is profound.
Then he's up, he's at it.  He's gettin' him some more.
My spirit breaks behind the bedroom door.
But I know the boy he was, when he went in for the kiss.
I love the man he'll be, and I love the man he is.
I'm told to leave and I gather my things.  The winds of change are blowing, who knows what they'll bring?
I just keep waiting for the phone to ring.
And each time it leads to this-
Peace, See you later, sometimes a kiss.
He pulls me closer promising,
"things wont be this way forever."
I know he can, but will he get it together?
Will we be together?
This is love, but what does that matter?
It's always been love and my heart keeps gettin' shattered.
But  I wont go.  I can't leave. I just keep waiting and
begging God Please
Help him up off his knees and get his mind right
He's got these demons and he's in for a fight.
God knows the boy he was when he leaned in for the kiss.  I wonder, would God recognize this?  Still, I love the man he'll be and I love the man he is.
I keep trying to make my goodbyes
but it's him on my mind and tears in my eyes.
he's on the grind and he's doin' whatever but I let it ride
'cause deep in my chest, he feels like forever.
But he's full of regrets and he can't let go,
So I endure the ride and on goes the show.

25 Sep 11

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Thanks for the suggestions.  This wasn't intended to be "traditional" poetry.  It's actually more hip-hop inspired...which ties into the experience that I'm writing about.

I suppose this was written for me, and I stored it here.  Don't mind me...
 — likeavirus

Edited this a bit.
 — likeavirus

I didn't say that it *was* hip-hop.  Forget it.  I don't know why I humor you.
 — likeavirus

I don't think the author intended for this to turn into a discussion of what makes a poem a poem, or a forum for arguing the finer points of whether or not hip-hop can be poetry. You're responding to the words mbauer, not the person, and maybe that's what you think constitutes being helpful, but from the looks of it your approach leaves much to be desired from the other users of this site.

Also, there's no better way of outing yourself as a troll and projecting deep-seeded immaturity than by interjecting, "Grow up" when someone takes argument with what you're saying.
 — psychedelico

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