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Winged intimacy
third parties try to intrude
Please ! Do not disturb!

2 Oct 11

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no work for chambermaids, I am sure this should not be the case
 — unknown

Actually this was inspired by seeing two butterflies love-making and a mass
of other butterflies unsuccessfully attempting to create an orgy with them.
 — lalita

oh yes yes yes brilliant

copulation is a really cumbersome word though?

winged intercourse?


2 butterfly = 4 chamber murrmurrrrrrrrrrrr made heart

 — unknown

How about ~ 'winged intimacy' (?)
 — lalita

 — unknown

no no

 — unknown

yes winged intimacy is lovely.
 — Clara

Thanks Clara ;)
 — lalita

ooh, i have yet to see butterflies copulate.
lovely piece.

; )
 — fractalcore