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Intimate Investigations Into the Unknown = I > 3U? = I^3 U = I ♥ U!

it feels as if
i were speaking
to a shrink,
except that
i wanna shrink
into my chest
just so
i can keep
my sanity...

for my black swan
with all the love i can muster


     /   \
     : )

* a work in progress
which would undergo changes
at any given time

26 Oct 11

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I like it alot...i like the puns and your pacing...very simple and yet broken...i can connect to it...good job
 — sahibtorun

jerry and elaine and kramer saw george's girlfriend naked by the pool, then jerry's girlfriend saw george naked just after he had been swimming and george got upset because his lack of threads exposed the short stack of buttons the watery seamstress had left on impromptu exhibit, so george thought jerry's girlfriend had related the image of his lessthanproperlyproportionedbymenwhofindsuchthingsofimportstandar ds manhood to his own girlfriend and decided it fittingly vengeful to taint her breakfast scrambled eggs with shellfish which apparently she was avoiding partaking of in an attempt at devout piety. of course george never truly loved anyone, except jerry, and his mother stopped sending him to therapy so george likely never came to this realization himself.
 — unknown

hello, sahibtorun.

i think i may have been making progress in
that i'm beginning to connect with people
these days, particularly with this piece.

i used to be very particular with my privacy,
and my crappy writings thus followed,
manifest with the cryptic verbosity in them
and quite prosaic, if not flat, for the most
part. so, yeah, i got the 'connection' taken
care of now; the rest is still mediocre.

simple and straightforward is the new me,
but i do go 'rogue' at times.

thanks you for your appreciation.

; )
 — fractalcore

dear unk,

that's one hell of a convoluted write.
how often do you see your shrink?

; )
 — fractalcore

i wonder how the first comment went
and why all the spam in the comment
space of my other poems were not

 — fractalcore