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the paradox of the white dwarf & serenderellanata

the 'future'
with its swelling
countenance --
and, i count
the days
with pimpled virility
'coz i don't have you
there, but here right now:
cranium and rib cage
put under a swell
cats and dogs
an ecological
not a dream of ours
will come to pass
without hitting rock-
rabid and furious
             as the truth held
by the furnace
             in the stars...

for my black swan
with all the love
i can muster


     /   \
     : )

10 Nov 11

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English 101:  The pronoun "I" is always capitalized.
 — unknown

thank you, dear unk, but i think the
glorious days of the capitalized 'I' are

any nits aside from that?

; )
 — fractalcore

hi, mike. how you been?

; )
 — fractalcore

agreed, fuck I. i i love u forever.
 — unknown

interesting, black swan. i bet the nape exudes elegance..

nice read, thanx..

wat's aardvark, anyway?
 — unknown

why faved? a pleasure to read you. this is new strike..hmm..a year of vateffah!
 — softyetharsh

yes, bauer. methinks this piece was written for the love of writing rather than what it implies half-heartedly. author can always rebut. but this is all wise & 10 ;)
 — unknown


 — unknown

this thread has been bumped up so many times, it's no longer a paradox.
 — unknown

subject escapes gracefully. have merci, i'm speaking of a genius. can't wait to finalize the study. talking paradox.
 — unknown

quantoom boompfh...

 — fractalcore

nice. you play with colloquialism and "fancy" words. cool tactic.
 — listen

ey, listen!

been awhile. thanks
and a happy new year to you!

; )
 — fractalcore

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