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Old Creamery Road

you're so long ago
yet sometimes i still dream us
down that road
picking stone from fruit-
bearing trees
their seeds witness
fountain spring
i can still taste our long swallows.
sometimes i crushed
your short rib
and made excuses but
you never accused
tickle me
once posed like that,
feathers floating;
now you're older
maybe older than me
and you've undressed
your poultry, bared your skin
your face, dark
pressed between eggshells
and your hair,
one soft stroke from
a cow-lick
i've milky lines around my eyes
but i'm not too tired to dance with you.
you're still wet
and i'm still cruel
we could slow dance in the rain
i could give you the hose again
do you remember
how love is?

2009- for bill

24 Nov 11

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Love your food/sex/love obsession!  28-31 is fab.  
 — sybarite

thanks rainbarite, you know my obsessions well.  
it's another 'bill' poem.  i think this one might be my fave of that collection.
 — jenakajoffer

L31 is this sado maschoism politely associated ?
 — unknown

This is why women have problems
 — unknown

sadomasochism? haha, why yes!
 — jenakajoffer

How many other Bill-poems do you have?  I know there's one other for sure...

The "this is why women have problems" comment made me howl!--thanks unk!  
 — sybarite

Hey sybs, I think I've written 5 or 6; though they don't all have Bill titles.  I deleted a few a long time ago so there's a couple on my blog that I'm probably going to repost, like I did with this one. I've got a new one, just waiting for my post time.
 — jenakajoffer

When I'm suffering writers block, I always go back to Bill.
 — jenakajoffer

Syb, I think it's more like 10, lol.
 — jenakajoffer

This is absolute beauty from the top of the title's head to the bottom of the poem's toes.  Every word is dressed in a tenderness and beauty that makes my nipples get all tingly.  The "milk" references juxtaposed against the title give it such fluffy atmosphere.  One day, you'll sing it to me?  Bravo and an instant fave!    
 — starr

ah lovely!! havent seen this one. thank you!!
 — funes

thanks so much Starr, i'm glad your nippy's were tingling, maybe it's the piercings, the metal with the milk and the tiny voltage...:)
i am close with this one, i'm happy you faved it.

thanks funie :)
 — jenakajoffer

I absoLUTELY LOVE this, Jen!  My nippies do TOO!  BUT, they're not metal.  They're red 6g acryllic barbells!  When the sun hits 'em and I'm not wearing a shirt, they light up red!  They're really cool!  :-)  xo!
 — starr

Aww look Starr, I never read about your nips until now.

I've missed this poem, it's void of all cruelty. <3
 — jenakajoffer