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snail on a joy ride
car beams highlight its venture
ala es-car-got !

24 Nov 11

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This is in honor of that snail who was on my windshield one night, almost smack in front
of my view ~ an amusing and peculiar sight ;)
 — lalita

i was just ogling my photos of paris and there was one of some escargot which i think is just nasty, then i see your poem; i have the shining.  i hate snails and their slug cousins.  nothing personal.

problem for me is
which is a fair mention for such a wee poem.  :)
 — jenakajoffer

That is funny that you just happened to look at that escargot photo right before seeing my poem ;) I too have similar regard to the snail family as you do.
 — lalita

great poem about an epic creature
 — larrylark

figures that old slug-loving lark would show up :)

how's the garden doing, larry?

lalita, what sort of snail was it? curious as to what part of the earth your feet fall.  i grew up in British Columbia where the rainforest boasts all kinds of disgusting varieties of slugs and snails, green, black velvet, spotted, antlered like a friggin deer, as long as grown man's foot and fat as a decent chub...but here in Ontario, a slug is only about 2cm and light brown in colour; much more tolerable I say, but still nasty.
 — jenakajoffer

Thanks Larry :)

Jenakajoffer, I live on Guam, part of the Mariana Islands, in the Pacific Ocean. We have about
66 species of native terrestrial snails on Guam. All are known as "akaleha" in Chamoru. We also have introduced snails on Guam, most well known being the giant African snail. They came to Guam during World War 2. I'm guessing my 'hitchhiker' was the Partula radiolata.
 — lalita

giant african snail??!!!  good god, remind me to never visit Guam! ;)
 — jenakajoffer

Jenakajoffer, I gather you probably wouldn't like the brown snakes here either ;)
 — lalita