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Untuck the buffalo, bill

i don't think you got your sea-legs yet, mac.
your greenhorn sloshed
all over my shrimp-clipper.
i don't even think you wore
undies; last i checked
you carped on my leg
wearing nothing but gumboots.
i know you ain't well travelled;
all these years nursing a tiger-striped
rootbeer float,
too scared to sail that banana-buggy.
well don't fret, peanut,
we'll meet at the watering hole
and pirate-fuck that silverback–
i got some big skin
under this mutton gown
but our sail will proove sheepish
if your junk goes all
waltzing matilda on my ass.
so hurry the fuck up
you fruit-bat sonofabitch,
i never had the chance to liken myself
to your face
and i squatted over the equator
and shat out australia just to show you
how love is.

1 Dec 11

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he feels so loved
 — DeformedLion

Hey Bill, where are you?

The Mrs is calling!

Move your ass Mac, we've a show to run here!

Bill, Bill, Billleeee...where the f*&^ are you?
 — unknown

you don't know me that well, but then again......
 — unknown

heh, i just realized there's no violence.

 — jenakajoffer

Yay! I did mention the banana buggy before!

I love this pork. I sure do.
 — jenakajoffer