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In the blue of a flame, an ocean, a sky.

We are well-defined
in the obvious
     the elemental;
food, sex, laughter, song.
I accept your guitar
and understand your hands.
You understand my chaos
and accept my need
to outwardly order things.
Sleight-of-hand; my manifest patina
to deflect scrutiny
of a disorderly mind
and a mutinous heart.
(I don't know any more than you
why I love you always, sometimes)
You have called me anchor,
kissed my rope-burned palms
in return
I have witnessed your knight,
crossed your chivalrous cloak
thrown down on dirty water.
Yet, for all the elements,
for all the ropes and ladders
there still exists this aether;
the candle's blue flicker
where you drift, and I

17 Dec 11

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Thanks Polly!
 — sybarite

kick-ass poem.  especially diggin 22-27.
 — JKWeb

sweet! my chaos-grrl sounds the deep with a glint and a wink; it's called the Pauli-effect - wiki it
 — AlchemiA

Thank you JK, appreciated.

Alch--I googled Pauli-effect but not making a connection between it and this fender-bendered relationship I have with this man..?  
 — sybarite

pedestrian poem. particularly unaffected by 1-4.
 — unknown

Niceeee!  Superb title too
 — jpmhawk

I LOVE IT when you take your time, listen to the music in your mind and lay out a beautiful piece like this!  Happy Holidays, syb!  Love u.  xo
 — starr


dont think you need line 12? already embedded
 — Clara

L 6   and understand your chords ? Otherwise a beautiful poem from a genuine heart
 — useine

Brilliant, the 1980;s party girl becomes a romantic
 — justicely

hi syb, my boyfriend decided to go take a long shit so i thought this was a good time to come back and give your poem some thought. :)

well, i just can't.  i will say too much and i don't want to muck it up.

 — jenakajoffer

huh-pee wholly-daze!
; )
 — fractalcore

Thank you all who have commented, much appreciated.
Jenaka--LOL--next time he poops--come back and say your piece!
Frac, Starr--gratitude for the faves  :D.
 — sybarite

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 — slary

Thanks for the fave, Isabelle!
 — sybarite

BEST poem i have read in 2012
 — mandolyn

Thanks, Mandolyn!
 — sybarite

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