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fractalcore: paradigm dream shift

so, it goes:
     a boomer rang,
      coming from
  pair of [h]eights,
     spree fall, higgs thud,
         enzyme boson —
XNT, iR=[+]^∞
   black swan

       for no other than
        my black swan
w/ the infinity that i know


             /   \
             : )

27 Dec 11

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with such thought out structure weird line breaks to create literal imagery you would think it would hold a much deeper meaning. 4
 — arienettte

once you're able to read iR=[+]^∞,
you'll know your fees-icks and your

there are concepts rendered in playful
metaphors in there, but thanks anyway
for trying, arienette.

happy holidays & welcome to PC!
; )
 — fractalcore

not well-versed in physics per say
(though am familiar with some of the quantum kind)--

either way, dig it I do.
 — JKWeb

hi, JKWebster sir.

been awhile. it's simply about love
disguised in physics fun puns and
infinity. i probably will provide a
legend in the footnote later on,
so people would know how to
read it.

there are references there that
only my black swan and i are
familiar with.

huh-pee wholly-daze!

; )
 — fractalcore

How could you make such shape poems? Luls.
 — Helene

*challenge accepted
 — unknown

hi, helene.

well, for this one -- i have a few shaped poems, by the way --
i didn't plan for it to look that way. i had very important things
to say in a few words with my black swan constantly in mind.
as you probably know already, black swan is a phenomenon
and/or metaphor for something out of the ordinary. it can
also be a reference to ballet or something like that, so this
piece is a bit of everything.

i just hope the shape resembles the ballerina and swan
close-enough. after a few more comments, i'll be posting
the legend or guide to reading this easily.

thanks for dropping


; )
 — fractalcore

dear unk,

which challenge?
 — fractalcore

boring and crap
 — unknown

lovely though i think you might have done more with "boson"

dorothy hamilharicut
 — unknown

dear unk,

you're involved in the boring
and crap job of over-utilizing
the crap, er unk, function.

seriously, though, why is it
boring and crap?

thunk you for quantoom
boompfhing this up.

huh-pee wholly-daze!

 — fractalcore

hi, dorothy.

'boson' is only secondary to 'enzyme' there,
but what do you suggest?

; )
 — fractalcore

the arabesque is gorgeous. looking at |18-21 en pointe.

8 but a 10
 — unknown

thanks, dear unk.
would you like to see the 'legend' now?
 — fractalcore

is that a movie invite, fractalcore?
 — unknown

i thought i have been waiting for the 'legend'. thank you.
 — unknown

I believe the unfold would be more seductive without these props:


 — lysandre

beautiful, frac
your equations are the best thing here :)
 — mandolyn

i wonder what legend are you talking about. is it legend of the fall? seriously, 10 ;)
 — unknown

and, here goes the legend:

a boomer rang -- boomerang; a boom sounded from afar; a late-bloomer [blooms/bloomed]; a message is/was delivered from afar and goes/went full circle

dyslexic stairs of stars -- a [sporadic] case of dyslexia exhibited by heaps of stars or not-so-normal people; dyslexic looks or stares from the same

pair of [h]eights -- fear of heights; the reluctance to or fear of falling in-love; pair of eights which are 2 upright infinity symbols; 2 people or lovers, each embodying infinity

spree fall -- free fall; unfettered love/loving; love/loving spree

higgs thud -- 'huge' or 'massive' thud

enzyme boson -- _____ boson; catalyzed by 'love' which therefore makes it possible for 2 distinct objects to occupy the same place, which in this case is akin to 'being one in love', though i very much doubt that 2 distinct particles can really have the same set of coordinates in spacetime

H KNUD XNT -- I LOVE YOU; since 'X' can be read as 'chris', then the whole string can be read as 'each, nude crescent [or moon]'; twins or perfect match or a couple loving in the open without inhibition and romantically

iR -- illusory Reality

[+]^∞ -- all theories resolved in 3D plus time raised to infinity, since matter can only be logically-infinite like 'love'

iR = [+]^∞ -- simply means 'infinity' which i have all the love and respect for; also equates to 'black swan' as an embodiment of infinite beauty

and/either/or -- all-encompassing


 — fractalcore

Pretty!!  I can't recognize the shape at the bottom though.  
 — Infrangible

Oh. It's a ballerina and a black swan. I thought it was a flamethrower. :-/
 — Barranto33

your whimsical play with words are enjoyed in all ways ;)
 — lalita

yes, it has to be that, so over your head and beyond your IQ -- and, we know you're just saying this because he said some nice things about some stuff i said -- but, he says nice things about your stuff too, so you ought to, maybe, feel ashamed to have said nothing about his poem.

and, what's poetry to you anyway? you want to kill kulture so that finger in your nose depth is the only contest... that and ice-ballet, another finger in the nose delight.
 — cadmium

 — cadmium

en pointe reiterate
 — unknown

i likey you, you likey me too, we looky-looky-loo...
 — AlchemiA

thanks, ever-one!

 — fractalcore

always the collection of life into the fold. one feels, reading this and other things by frac, that there's really no other way of saying as he's saying. people want to write to purchase love from the one they at least lust for. frac just gives love, and it's the most profound thing. for me it's a re-calibration to read his writings.
 — cadmium