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New Year’s Resolution

I’m ditching the witch
so sick of her claws
she’s feasted enough
on my foolish flaws
am cutting her tongue out
gonna stab her in the eye
I’m junking Sue Perstition
cross my heart and
hope to die.

31 Dec 11

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I wonder who the witch is.  I am hiding.  But my name ain't Sue.  
 — unknown

Good work. Don't know sue though
 — professir

She's just a dame I gotta dump. A real heavy babe. sheesh!
 — unknown

The problem with fighting something off is that doing so drills a deeper hole.  Sometimes, when we stop fighting, it goes away on its own.  

Heavy babes like to fight (they are like big bullies).  It is their candy, the molasses that make them stick and feed them heavy.  Who feeds her?  Dame is intellect, babe is obsession.  

I wish you health of body and soul for this coming year.
 — unknown

Nice one, unk. Good wishes to you. :)
 — unknown

restitution or compensation,
sue her, anyway, haha...

 — fractalcore

ta for your sue port, fracts. ;)
 — unknown