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I cannot bear the thought of me
and me:
And how are me today?
and would me like to splash through muddy tracks up rugged hill;
peruse, infuse the views all bracken bruised then stumble
down as back-end panto horse in
giggs of fittles,  splishing
sploshing home to snuggle up
with battered nanas
fried to fritters...
As rain assaults
the window
I cannot bear the thought of me
and me.

3 Jan 12

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maybe you are just hanging from tags.  
 — unknown

 — unknown

meh -- i mean, meme...

 — fractalcore

Make mine a pint. cheers, fract :)
 — unknown

 — unknown

intriguing poem.  consider omitting line 3?  also, change 'me' to 'I' in 4?  like it muchso otherwise.  diggin the title too!
 — JKWeb

I like the "me" and L3, JK, but also like that you gave this some attention and I, food for thought. Ta ver much. ;)
 — unknown