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I croak to your breath,

Your highness,
restore this other world into an empire
our sanity we surrender
into each other's grave;
I wade past the storm not knowing you are thunder -
                                   the gods anger
perhaps you are lightning
a defiance to morality I deserve;
I truly lust
breathe my hell's heaven
my princess, you are.
I croak to your breath,
Frog Prince Lover
    at the bath

8 Jan 12

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lines 2-11 are excellent.   the rest--- not as strong as the rest of the write imho.
 — JKWeb



oh op. sorry. nice
 — Clara

'a defiance to morality I deserved;'

'my hell's heaven'

 — unknown

nice title image, like a greek chorus voiced like newt gingrich over princess di mouthing the ever-immortal. not what could be done with a little blood in your veins.
 — cadmium