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more than madness

what it's like
backstabbing --
writing off
in the face;
it's kind of illusory backyard crime
the mess is complete crime of passion
grossly imagined.

12 Jan 12

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nice lyric twist at the end, like it expressed your feeling about how twisted 'they' are and confessed how twisted it is to write poetry instead of killing what is so obviously evil to you. 'poet as saint' is a good move.
 — cadmium

ignore cadmium. the idiot is having a stupid moment.
 — unknown

sorry, is this dressed as poetry for meeting up with you later at starbucks? my bad, i thought it was real.
 — cadmium


carrot top's appearance has been canceled, we present cadmium in his place. tickets can be refunded at the door.
 — unknown

unk, you're showing exactly the move this author wanted to show... that pig means writing like a pig...  but, calling pig insult a crime of passion is an insult to avocado dip.
 — cadmium