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To betray oneself

I was sitting on my own
looking through old diaries,
thinking what it meant to me
writing that.
I winced every time
a capital or comma
got out of line,
or the words ‘mature’
or ‘responsible’ were used.
Child of yesteryear,
you never understood.
I remember how I used to fear
growing up and forgetting
how real and long a minute was;
how wise and honest I was,
and how
my past self was a person too.
I was rooting through a paper pile,
tugging out an old calendar,
when tumbled-
smelling of once upon as,
not me forgets
and happily never befores-
a poem.
a poem.
Oh child of yesteryear,
you never would understand.
The stanzas jotted
across that page,
reminisces from a different age,
would mean a gift to me;
to you.
No, me.
I’m you?
I couldn’t take it.
Dear heart, child of mine,
I knew you well and
never toed the line about it.
But this poem I don’t remember writing.
This poem is but conscience-biting.
And laurels make for
an uncomfortable bed.
Dear hand, appendage of mine,
I recognise your penmanship
but never our relationship.
Who wrote this treasure?
Not I. Not me.
I cannot see.
I could be any reader
for all I know of its creation.
I cannot take credit
for its amalgamation.
Yonder Victorian, Elizabethan,
An ancient ancestor wrote it.
Yo sis, bro,
A younger sibling wrote it.
I cannot betray my former self
when my former self no longer lives.
I say I will respect the dead
and bury all I ever said.

6 Feb 12

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blog with not much pulse. better to paragraph this out so that you can control your ideas, since this is only about ideas, and 'poetic-ully' the posey reader is going to think this is about shakespeare and dickens, written in a stage actor's voice -- emelyn williams doing a night of 'charles dickens recites henry the fourth part one'.
 — cadmium

nice dress, cad, but it's gone out of style. cover yourself.
 — unknown

I agree somewhat with cadmium. Although you really got me thinking and I appreciate that. Thank you for writing. Keep up the good work.
 — spaye08