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at 34

i'm still susceptible
to the hemlock vibrations
of bar-stool thigh
that whole
thatchless boundary
of miasma hustle.
but more
and more
i've come to prize inertia:
the simple indolence
of an hour or two
stretched out
in a truck-stop booth - -
in molasses introspection
like a geezer
on his stoop.

9 Feb 12

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you won't be an adult for another 12 years or so. don't push it, it doesn't mean anything. if you were born a flirt, you'll have it forever as your very own integration with several hundred entertainment t.v. channels and music stations.

i mean, you don't really listen to the headphones when you're flying do you? not if you're sitting next to someone over 16...?
 — cadmium