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I have always sang to myself (Ephesians 1:4)

the music once was the sweet clap of my mother's hands
when she was laughing
when we were both young
and the skylight hung above her like a promise
but that song washed away in the tidal wave night
and I began to sing myself
in furious tones
with the wild flutter of hornets wings in my throat
I forgot all about my mother
and I couldn't see her kindness
in the mascara of the women I lusted after
I ended up alone
singing a lullabye to the wrinkles under my eyes
like an old sailor unsure if he should throw out his anchor
now I have entered into my silence
listening to a voice so tender
its power reverberates through my willing body
like a melody thats been holding me
since before I was born

15 Feb 12

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that's great! bully booli for you
 — unknown

I have always sang to myself  

stop it then, you have no time to think of anything or anyone else, not even your mother, unless it is all back to you, nothing better to do than to scrutinize wrinkles around eyes in a mirror and reberberate from beginning to end, an embryo always an embryo?
 — unknown

Nice feelings. You may turn into a song yourself.
 — gallard

thanks for the comments

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