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water me

i last heard myself say,
can you swallow me?
a seed i crave to be implanted-
in your intestines i'd grow
your stance tall in my growth
in you all of me sprouting
a fruit birthed from the roots
of me that is you growing
     why am i wilting?

16 Feb 12

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because you are not watering 'me' so i can water 'you'
 — unknown

this poem terrifies me.

what if you grow inside me like a jack-in-the-beanstalk marijuana weed?

and little dwarfs start swinging from my nose hairs?

will you, poet, accept responsibility for me being driven into insanity, by this potential collaboration of fauna & flora?

do not underestimate the power of the pen poet!
it is far greater than wielding a rusty old sword.

Bro Grimm
 — unknown

does this look like a fairy tale, Sir Grimm? i would surrender sanity to the allusion of a list of children's classics.
 — unknown

dear poet/poetess,

this is indeed a fairy tale. not all fairy tales have a happy ending, and are normally graded into: happilyeverafter, inbetween and neverthetwainshallmeet.

this falls within the neverthetwainshallmeet class, with a grimm underbelly.

and nobody calls me sir. i have no class, and am nothing but a common uncouth scallywag rotter/cad. so, please do not address me in that manner. i find it extremely disorientating to my sense of self-esteam, and i'm likely to blow my top. my friends call me bro, but you are not a friend, and therefore do not have permission to call me bro either.

to you poet/poetess, i remain unknown.

i post most of the poetry & critque here at poetry critical, in a wide variety of styles. you should easily be able to identify me by my pseudonym.

yours faithfully,
 — unknown

Almost like a conjoined fantasy, I look forward to more modern fables
 — unknown

dear critique with a most numbered of words whom i cannot address sir, friend nor bro but faithfully by pseudonym, nevertheless i could decipher his entity, his kind, his poetry

and unknowns,

tales are but a staple to my shrinkage.
 — unknown

 — unknown

*dear critic ;(
 — softyetharsh