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jaywalking, regret life

i go out cinema
I Know A Woman's Heart
can not express my disappointment
you still in middle of night roasting meat
under streetlamp, wearing a baseball cap and looked at the steam
your customers drink and listen to songs about the erotic
barbecue stick in the snow
hello sir, lets strangle the puppy, then smoke cigarettes, test dog in the fire
until darkness disappears
until I'm going to go to the dumpster behind the pee pee
just kidding
explosion of money, i was drunk when the tones is less standard
but drunk to see the truth, i
i have small skirt for your potatoes
right, you're smart, potatoes, wearing a skirt
let the eyes into the fire
yes, place on coal,
see potato beauty behind bars, alone, again wearing a slutty short skirt
as stars quietly watch in agreement
burn! big bitch you burn! test! poison mouth biao biao ah ah ah ah ah ah!
ah, i really step trench dead
my too few vocabulary
well, my heart is broken, nothing
"are you married?"
ah, many times
"i am divorced"
. . . brother
bbq brother
everyone knows the old sky never grew eyes
. . . maybe not, we will not go back to the  orgasm country
hope that death will capture all who oppose you
previous life, you kill your wife with an ax?
what do you call?
of course, I love your poems
my ex-wife to help me write"
do not know how you and her situation, I know you kill her, do not clean
you get used to death
are you tired, your heart is tired
you are the grill master
"understand the rules of premium barbecue
we not hope to satisfy guests
but with determination, and a very evil
result, meat delicious "
. . . food ready?.
a la carte is a form of violence
cooking, is a lie
to eat, is cruel"
"really cruel
cruelty is also a language
this winter
if in your heart
is also a winter
you will—"
ah yo, squid delicious
"how to baked france squid?
france squid beautiful, noble, fearless
grilled france grams of squid with expression of disgust
with poetry
do not need pen
do not have to have an ax
use fire
a lifetime disappointed
a lot of vinegar
and clouds
clouds have become the spark
spark turned into hope
hope become snow
well, suddenly hungry"
i eat done
want suck smoke?
rice wine also
foreigners likes the chinese brand
ah, chinese women are walking rectangles, comparatively polite
. . . right, but this situation exists because of multiple reasons. . .
"everything is an experiment
you see how, mister dongguo?
you do not understand
sometimes me neither
do not come back"

21 Feb 12

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