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Egads! (Foto F2 #4)

creepy crawley’s in the woods
playing jane’s misunderstood
her face gave out
false indication
she braces now
for infestation.


2 Mar 12

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egads! you know it...

 — mandolyn

haha cute and egads

 — Ananke

heh! "hip hip egads" to us all. Ta :)
 — unknown

Writing poetry to pictures is like humming in your head, it is not universally transparent, so the conclusion clearly is the quality on this site is going down ! STOP THIS DESTRUCTION.
 — unknown

I saw the picture and am impressed because I couldn't come up with anything from that picture, but I think you need to have seen the picture to get the poem.
 — CaseyPowers

F this poem represents
The downfall of PC
I'm down.
 — Known

used to hate these effing foto effing fridays meself, unk.
wish it stood alone too, Caesy. it's a bugger but what the heck. thks :)
cheers, K :)

*this weeks pic*
 — unknown

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