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The Dwarf's Demeanour

The Performing Dwarf laughs at his audience
His immense stare rides his apparent demeanour
Just like Mountains of pot ash
Crumbling is at your own risk.
The Gamer never loses at the Start
It's just the End that always out smarts
Little jewels look forward to their recorded History.
As one small step offsets materialism
A child's love will flow through their parent's blood
And so the growing dwarf metamorphoses
Into Unrecognisableness
We turn around
Foiled by this fable.

3 Mar 12

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I prefer the dwarf in 'The ministry of fear, a giant of a character.
 — matrinh20

A Child or a literal Dwarf, the distinction is blurred. Anyway are the parents or child / dwarf the Gamer, and is this more a Gamer / chancer in life ?
 — unknown