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down my lonely alley

a sleeping beggar
by an empty trash can
a mangy alley cat
one angry madman.
an insistent dealer
a blaring cruiser
a split second later
mooncurser turned runner.
a secluded corner
stands a busy diner
          with its neon sign that would
          then die.
through hollow handrails
whirls the wailing zephyr
that breaks out in gales
of evil laughter.
And I never knew that
silence was a sound.

30 Apr 04

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I meant for this little 'venture' to connect somehow or rather. I was hoping the reader could identify with loneliness in every stanza.
 — unknown

connect with loneliness. figured indentify sounded weird.
 — unknown

wow...dats so nice...
 — unknown

lack of feeling in the poem...i think u should refer more to better ideas but on the other hand good attempt
 — unknown

 — lilminx506

i loved line 8 plus 18-19. great stuff. first stanza was kinda tricky at first.. but it exercises your mind. heh
 — unknown

The last stanza is very cool - u should recycle it 4 another poem! - i go for meanings in the poem and i cant quite figure this 1 out so not a huge fan.
 — J99

i didnt like it!!
 — unknown

It's original, I like it.  I think it's a plus that one can interpret it many different ways.
 — elliott3

You never knew that? Surprising. Wonderful poem.
 — borntodance