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since we ended I've begun to fall in love with strangers

I look at them from a minimum of 5 feet away
observing things like the color of their eyes and
the clothes they're wearing
I start to smile
enchanted with knowing nothing about them
and even when the woman I was in front of at the convenience store
butted ahead
I just giggled and said to her
"what I adore about you is I'll never see you again after you walk out the door."
yes, strangers in their cloud of mystery are my new lovers
and the only time I think of breaking off my relationship
is when one of them has eyes your shade of blue
or is wearing a sweater similar to one that hangs in your closet
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17 Mar 12

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that's good that you're thinking about sex again.

i told you that joining a support group would help.

next step is hitting the singles bars.

just being out there, showing some boob, a bit of mutton.

being roasted again, and again.
 — unknown

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