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so help you god?

to avoid the choke up i spit the words out
for an arrangement
for the arraignment
for the trial
for the conviction
the sentence
with no peers
while i have the least confused,
rational mind
in this grand chamber,
this place that cost all the fortunes
of broken families
[surrounding us
in solid oak, rich mahogany,
and wealthy council],
i'm still rather confused

26 Mar 12

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i'd drop line 7 -- it's the line in the IQ test which doesn't belong with the others conceptually or aesthetically -- nor at all intellectually.

you want, in the first stanza of a lyric like this to say just enough, but not over-talk like bernard shaw -- you want to let the force of the last stanza be the world that people fall into, not the one they were led to by the tour guide.

so, the last two stanzas are muck -- you've tried to write a story dialog on your impressions, instead of giving us something to see and react to: what happens is that i react to you saying stuff, and suddenly you've become, in line 8, just a confused person talking out loud.

i don't really want what's good enough. i want to see the genius in you.
 — cadmium