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it feels like all of America has passed out onto a pile of their anti-anxiety pills
it's like half the country has had a complete nervous breakdown
bodies shaking furiously in front of that picture they put up on their cubicle walls
because their girlfriends looked like Megan Fox that day
or clutching their forever sad hearts and falling over onto a manhole cover
I can see why our caffeine intake is so high
with the demands we think we're putting on ourselves
as for me, I may have the energy now to get where I'm supposed to go
I just never really know where I'm going
sometimes I think of myself as a salmon
who jumps out of his upstream odyssey
and flops on a nearby boulder
it's then I can feel the sun
its rays seem somewhere between a distant memory
and the way I always believed things should be
though I never cognitively thought that before
on this rock with my fins thrashing
I think it only feels like I'm going to die here
because I was swimming for so long

12 Apr 12

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