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Tonight, Tonight

Tonight amongst the breathless heat I walked and walked to swing in the dark. I took my usual seat, faced the lake head on,and aimed myself toward the sky. Then I snapped off, leaving all my tensions behind, plunging into a blur of lake and sky. I
left the beach and constructed a wind that inhaled me. The further I would lean back to fall-- the further I would climb up and blend with an invisible space of purple and gray clouds, water and darker darks beyond. Houselights became stars, and stars became familiar. The swings chain would then tighten and jerk
me down in vacuum force. My fearing spine would waterfall my body with chills, like fingers of another presence, as my eyes were fixed in the clouds. I would let my feet drag and finally touch the ground, but I refused to release the sky. I stopped.
I tried another swing, a friend's swing . The chains felt heavy and too thick to grasp, and the ground was trenched deep. But soon I was in flight, and with each revolution I eased higher. Why the clouds...manned...remiss. I held myself back from pushing the height, but did not touch the ground.
I held myself, again—in the clouds, the womb,...yet the diaries caligned the utterless walls...My eyes slowed to stop for my arms didn't know which way I was falling: it was as though I was being pulled up. What moves the entrance that clouds attend?--to try to clear and manifest stillness, the color that tears.
I stopped to hear my soul vanish. I wish I could tell you how I felt.

13 Apr 12

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I like the end. It reminds me of "Prufrock" - "It's impossible to say just how I feel!"
 — salinger1976