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i have an Idea

won't shake the foundations.
we connect through
a rather radical medium
more often than not
don't we?
we see one another
the market.
the restaurant.
the park:
parties on the sidewalk.
we say hello,
how are you?
how's life been?
we connect. we're human.
and there it is.
the internet.
it's here to stay.
you cannot be hipster enough to completely avoid it.
you cannot deny the force it weilds in changing the face of human interaction.
anonymity. the ability to say that which you want because it is not the same as speaking
   face to face.
especially with strangers.
and because you can really think about what you want to say.
you can write anything
and still be quick.
seperated by cities or oceans
doesn't matter
you can exchange thoughts with a friend the moment you finish writing it.
i see these enormous things happening in the world today-
bones to pick
the seperation of church and state, or the lack of it.
and especially how it affects the country i am a citizen of.
on that, it boils down to religion.
"religious special interest"  
throwing wrenches in my countries political cogs,
while simultaneously receiving tax exempt status.
this is organized religion.
this has nothing to do with whether or not god exists.
atheism is an entirely different subject
that i shall refrain from in this.
i want to be able to openly discuss relevant topics as deeply as possible with
   close friends.
i want legitimate peer review and refutation.
i want to learn to disagree.
i want us to learn from one another.
a forum for anyone in the search of good reason and truth.
a diving board for the philosphers.
an experiment for the scientists.
a hammer for the skeptics.
to put it to the test.
please. please. please. weigh your ideas with critical reason and evaluation.
and if you could comment on this anonymously
and i would have no idea who is saying what
would you be more inclined?

17 Apr 12

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idea poetry has to come from genius or it's just mindless uptight intellectuality cloned off the latent consciousness of the author. that's why it's important to first read to see the patterns and structures in the poem -- how the sounds play together and whether the concepts are happy with each other. then, you go in and see if there's any point to the concepts being there at all, or if it's all just a kid's first bright thoughts turning quickly into 'you can read this anyway you want to', cause the kid's kind of lamer.
 — cadmium