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the sun orgasms fire...(was even nature has a sense of drama)

into a waiting sky
at the end of its reign in the day
I watched it after you tried to kill yourself
and thought of the ambulance lights
as a grande finale to some sick fireworks display
I will only look at the moon from now on
how the faint glow hugs its craters softly
in muted majesty
a subtle climax without fierce theatrics
I think now that's the only way for me
to breathe into sleep

26 Apr 12

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Yes--you have inspired me to write about SUN ORGASMS.  I thank you for being my muse today.
This poem is really great.
I would suggest that you watch your phrasing and where the words are landing on your lines.
It is never "strong" to start a line with a wimpy word like "to" or "in" and be sure to also make good use of CAPitalization where appropriate.  I also do not see you using punctuation to your benefit.  (if at all, actually)
That is my two cents.  Great poem, otherwise.  ~forbster
 — aforbing

glad i could inspire forb

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