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tongue out

protruding gore
aborting blood vessels
robbing you mastication
papillae gorging
musculature exploration
V-shaped sucking,
you must know its apex is my sweet nerve arousal
loving my salts, sour acids,
bitter inorganic sands of magnesium and calcium
you are a drooling animal instinct
in rabid saliva
finding another sweet tooth
is halting my phonetic baby articulation

*will edit. i lost one line/phrase preceding |8 from copy & paste task :/

10 May 12

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intriguing poem though the repeat of 'salts' in consecutive lines is a slight speedbump methinks.  maybe replace 'salts' in 10 with 'sands' or possibly 'brine'?  also, omit line 6 and leave that space?  dig it otherwise, I do.
 — JKWeb

thnx, JKWeb. was aware of 'salts in consecutive lines' but was trying to play on the four tastes. i added a long description instead, kinda awkward. yeah, sands is better but look at me so stubborn.
 — softyetharsh

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what a tease you are.... wish you'd gotten more explicit.  Yet, at the same time, it's good to leave some things to the imagination.
 — aforbing

oh oh oh to touch and feel a girl's vagina, ah heaven - cranial nerve
 — unknown