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gates swinging open

the sun is coated in a raindrop
and the perfection here is unsettling
I need to hear an electronic voice on my gps
before I believe I've actually arrived in eden
I can see the green leaves from the trunk
that made this wooden bench
my skin gets more and more like jewelry
the first instinct I have is to scrape it off
and take it to one of those cash for gold places
but then I remember
the only adornment or legal tender
I need now is the honeysuckle
and my mouth slowly begins to get reaquainted
with the sweetness it was meant for
my old life vanishes under the shadow of a flock of geese-
the last thing I will ever have to watch die
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22 May 12

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Are you having a death experience?  I can almost see it in the sweetness of the honeysuckle but it's not very clear.  GPS in Eden?  Maybe you've come to California!  I really like seeing the leaves on the wood of the bench, that sounds very earthy and good.

Why is the flock of geese dying?  That doesn't make sense to me.  
 — Isabelle5

thanks for the comment isabelle...i was referring to my old life dying not the flock of geese

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