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sometimes, I forget to breathe

my heart’s ocean
crashes upon her Stonehenge.
I spiral into self-deprecation
and medicate regret.
she appears in each dream
to extinguish the universe
and stores me on
her dying sun.
I gather light
on Earth’s satellite,
yet my lungs hang
like paper weights.
sometimes, I forget to breathe
and once in a blue moon,
I can’t remember.

8 Jun 12

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and wish you could forget? i like this very much. to extinguish the universe. that really really does drip of the tongue when you read it doesnt it?
 — unknown

lungs hanging like paperweights conveys well the breathless angst felt when pining for a lost love.

Larry The Kidney Kid Lark
 — larrylark

A detected  poetic change of style. Is this for your satisfaction or for the site's users.
 — unknown

thanks much unknown 1.  glad you seem to dig some parts.

thank you too Larry.  
JK paperweight Web

hello unknown 2.  gracias for reading.  if I changed my style, it certainly wasn't intentional.  just trying to improve as we all are.
 — JKWeb

 — mandolyn

I really enjoy reading romantic, heartbreak poetry by men.  There is a difference from women's thoughts.  Lines 1-2 set a cold, sad mood, line 4 is very descriptive!  Medicate regret, how often have we all done that!

This entire poem is shatteringly sad but familiar to all who have loved insanely and lost.
 — Isabelle5

Really conscious and aware
 — gjenkins

much obliged mandolyn.

indeed Isabelle.  I think men and women think differently on almost everything.  that's what makes an interesting dynamic, good or bad.  thanks for reading and comments.

thank you too gjenkins.
 — JKWeb

J, it took me years to fully understand how very different men and women are, not only sexually but brain chemicals and how their brains actually work differently.  Women and men can try to understand each other but they will never be the same.  Thank God!
 — Isabelle5

I'm beginning to wonder if that 'mad love' will ever be mine to have again... Not gonna lie about it.  I haven't felt that urgency in SO long!!!
 — aforbing

try not to dwell on it too much aforbing.

"love is the paradox of needing"  
D. Townsend

thanks for reading :]
 — JKWeb

"Once in a blue moon I can't remember"--meaning you always remember. Love that line. And how it ties into the other celestial? earthly elements of the poem. Really enjoyed reading this.
 — kmacc84

thanks for faving fractalcore.
 — JKWeb

gracias kmacc84 for reading.  glad you seem to like it.
 — JKWeb