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Because it was.

Because it was the-
Because it was the best possible thing to have happened, because it slipped into the skin of comfort so seamlessly
So that
There is nothing detaching it from its surroundings so that it
Remains, as if self contained I
Want to preserve it without so much as an exhale
I do not want to
I want to expel your scent from my body I want to expel the memory of your skin from
My fingertips I want
Out of this skin this skin which knows
Something it has never something it will
Never know again that very way its past now it
Retains senses and weighs everything else down, it
Creates a scale unreasonable, untamable so that every
Thing is small
Small, small and whittled down in meaning in comparison it bears no
Resembles to anything it has no substitute to material which can carry
Temporary ailment it is gone and its residue sticks to a space so inconceivably small that it
Travels up and up and
Out of my very breath, coating and
Leaving nothing of itself.
Nothing else
Reveling in a whole suspended in
Itself and requesting no acknowledgement for its
Nature a completeness so
Self sustained it
Is stationary and cannot accept or extract.
Wept. Wept diligently with a rhythm a patience for the body almost
Unbearable save of the precise measure of energy
Required for the act as if upon the sheer encounter of, coming into the
Presence of the one
it was
bracing itself for just the
Very act, immersed in its intention so deeply it
Cannot fathom of another expulsion,
Determined with no prior force to
Live the course of itself

First draft - hardest one to get.

28 Jun 12

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