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so long, bill

the slivers still itch
from when you jumped me in the barn.
you dressed me in sunshine
then blew away like a dandelion;
you never felt the way you wanted to feel
and i'd let you'd come suckling
in the tiny night.
you looked so soft
your cock puffed out like dough
that if i poked too hard you'd collapse.
do you remember?
i leaned above you,
your wet muscle taking my entire hand;
even when you were silent
i could unscrew your mouth.
a sigh escaped your lips,
and when you panicked
I gently tugged your balls-
your three-meat fingers slipped into my hole,
then you slid right out, glazed
those days are long gone, precious.
the barn is old and gnarled as the moon;
i'm invulnerable.
i close the clasps of my bra
as i overcome my inward wish to hold on
to your boyhood--
all that's left is an apparition,
we don't even have bad photography.

7 Aug 12

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intriguing poem well writ for the most part though I read line 16 as:

'such still frailty'

dig overall nonetheless..
 — JKWeb

"the slivers in my palms still swollen"

Can slivers swell?

 — jgibson000

Thanks James :)

And Jeffrey, reworded :)
 — jenakajoffer

>>>>"the slivers in my palms still swollen"

Can slivers swell?

Jeffrey >>>>>

with just a sliver of imagination, yes!

in fact, this represents an excellent metaphor for memory.
 — unknown

bloody hell jen, phew ! :)
 — Narnia

I know, I'm not sure where it comes from.  I thought I was such a soft girl. ;)

thanks for getting through this,
nice to hear from you again. :)
 — jenakajoffer

What happened to your other one you had up a bit ago? This one is nice too, but it makes me a bit too verklempt to comment on it.
 — Ananke

hey ananke, thanks...do you really find the poem emotional enough to be verklempt? I guess I'm a bit surprised.  my other recent one is still here, if you mean 'five points', I posted it before this one.  the newest 'bill poem' is 'billy-jak'...*gulp :)
 — jenakajoffer

oh hello, Narnia :)
 — jenakajoffer

You're going to Carolina in your mind?

lol, where are you Jennifer?

Why can't I read any of your poems?

I have no idea what this one is about, can't relate it to anything in my life at all, which is why I didn't comment earlier...

I think this is a personal thing with you and silence of the lambs...so I probably should stay well away...

It's the same as that Ukraine (?) butcher thing -- I should have stayed well away from that too...


Melanie Safka
 — ElsieTime

This is literally the worst poem I have ever read. It really reminds me of a poem I wrote recently about how the modern poet is a raunchy little twit.
 — unknown

man there's nothing like having downs on men.
 — unknown