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a love letter to a lover i've never known -

Firstly, how are you? I admit, with
disdain, I keep cursing your
name - and number my days since you've gone.
Do you remember, as I do, the hours spent laying on the
college lawn? The smoking, drinking, and loving until
a wonderful, new, yet seen before dawn?
How is your new lover
who you picked, above all others?
Is his spirit fine, his
soul stout and strong?
I feel still when we
boarded the train, bent and
bound for those two nights in Spain
When I felt you start leaving
and you proudly proclaimed
You were sure, this time, that you
were insane
And so many stolen kisses
beside the old mission
taunting saints and sinners and God's unfair division
of what is above
and below
and Below
And where are you now?
does that bastard kiss your brow?
Or care who came first
and who finished last?
My friends say move on - that our two rights were a wrong -
but I still recall the words from
that old damn song:
"Oh sing unto me,
in great jubilee,
the song of he and she
who know know dismay."
I hated to hear it -
and I know how you feared it -
the fact that love is so quick to go astray
Then gliding through
Tangiers, we lit off
from our fears
and survived to spite
every last cursed way.
But even our love
couldn't help but succumb
to the same, same
American craze.
I knew you were a child,
but all the still while,
I bent and I prayed
you'd stay and never stray.
But a woman's heart
seems to love no other part
than the whole and the self
which claims no other's help
And each night I refrain,
I admit I sing your name
in the time between seconds
of every waking day
To no avail at all,
for I had no choice but to fall,
fall and falter
a few steps short of your altar
So praise you and damn you
for all you have become
and all you were then,
all that kept me rapt and
deaf and dumb.
So good night and
no luck
and while I'm still stuck,
I know you slip and you tease
to whomever you please
I know I'll stop and I'll freeze
wear your devout scars upon my knees,
until I feel you were worth
all the pain and the damn hurt.
But lastly: how could you?
who were you - why
should you?
This is a game played for keeps
above and between the sheets
consummated and constrained
while the best of us sleep.
goodbye to you,
the you I never knew
the one who was plotting
while I was still allotting
time for marriage,
infinity for joy -
the silly old dreams
of this smart young boy
and may I ask you at
for one last request,
tell me the secret
of how to enjoy
the bed of another,
when I still shake and I shudder,
at my love for you
from hours before
Is it some joy to be
Loved both by him and by me?
Is the female volition,
sustained by competition,
and suckled through
the thought of the ones
you've left in your wake?
So, again: how could you?
and why the hell would you?
when I gave you my all,
free from shock and appall,
but he now usurps
the place I once learned
to lie between thighs
and look into the eyes
the same place where you
decided to fall
why do you
to fall?
why did I
decide to fall?
why do we
to fall
and is it always
once and for all?

3 Sep 12

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