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Buttermilk bill

(buttermilk bill)
we played redemption song
to go with our tempered fish,
clabbered the milk thick
to skirt the bitter liquid left over,
did it asian style
wrapped in bamboo leaves.
your groin whirled under the cheesecloth–
lips of the cornflower licked you
cat-wise and sideways,
smashed up and down that beautiful face,
blown yellow like a gourd.
i slit the snapper
and unbuttoned your trousers
when a trout leaped into my hole;
you'd have let it spawn if i let you,
           but i didn't.
i heard the suction as i pulled away
just before it turned soft;
the sound smeagoled into creamy speckles
of sky–
we've grow again
and seeds are precious.
i'm anxious to hold you under the rainwater,
slow-dance to your library voice
with your cheek wet at my breast.
i don't fear what thoughts this will lead me to;
it's the start of winter and nothing more will flower –
we're fermenting in the field,
like the warm drink of love
i yearn for us to be.

10 Oct 12

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cheeks are smeared in the blood of poem-joy.

"smeagoled" is gold.

this poem is a fuck yeah evolution into the fuck yeahs!
 — DeformedLion

yeah i went soft...ha, i don't mind really...

writing this totally ruffled my feathers, kwim rainbow-boy? (joy?-oi oi oi)! thanks for the many great feedings back into the hand that feeds it.

i mean
thanks for the awesome expletives :)))

not sure if it's not as cohesive as what i'm used to, but maybe that's my experimenting.  there were so many things (maybe too many) and i bounced them around like a pygmy marmoset, it was driving me bananas. i cut and cut again, have enough leftovers for another poem; a shorty, and probably about salad.  a tortoise salad with spinach and turnip.  we'll see.
 — jenakajoffer

Wow! kick ass poem

welcome back :)
 — unknown

i was going to say before- but i forgot...vacuous hole— sounds kind of off- "i would say "well" but that would be too easy....
 — DeformedLion

Wow Jen, you never cease to amaze.  
 — sybarite

thanks unk........linus, how can hole sound off? it leaves it open for interpretation, originally 'hole' was meant to describe the head/mind but i went onto a different tangent.  i will see if something else works better, but i doubt i'll find it.  and what if i change it and it's worse, then that would suck.

hey syberia, nice to hear from you in this neck of the woods, it's pretty cold here. lol, glad to see you're still supporting the bill series :Dxo
 — jenakajoffer