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but, what is overall attractiveness, anyway, when only the mind can be the sexiest thing in the world? you know i'm a non-dualist, so when i say 'mind', i also mean the 'body', haha...
it's strange because i'm starting to feel and act like those people who are hung up on the assumption that it's always better to look good and presentable than speak and think with substance. this is the photon's fault, and heinekenstein knew that exactly. i have these eyes along with my 'I' to recognize aesthetically-pleasant appearance, curvature, pattern, color, sound, taste, etc, to some degree, sans any college degree which is never a good indication of substance except, perhaps, as a testament to hard work and a conveyor belt in the manufacturing line for survival based on a supposed level of education culminating in 1st dan, 2nd dan, 3rd dan, or i'm so sick and tired and done.
needless to say, i'm very much like ever-one else despite and in spite of the nuances in language, which i am abusing right now. well, i have male hormones which more than validates the folly of sphincter fried, or the general human folly of name-dropping to sound erudite to the opposing sects. but, what of insects and incest? what of proximity and the inexplicable need to conform among a nerd, er, an herd of [synchronized] unheard-of pendulums? and, what of needles in an infinite set of haystacks? it pretty much explains why such needles are pretty and you stalk them more than once once you find them... despite the otherwise-endearing pain they poke back at you, off-course, yeahs?
so, when you're asked if you're a photon, the only logical think, er, thing to say is 'you're leaking in both of your ears from info overbombardment' -- no, scrap that. it's an overkill way of flaunting your boobie-[s]traps when your cardiac softeeness is all that shows. maybe opt for something like 'how do you like my haircut?'. or, 'how do you lie'ick my sunstarrrry cosplay cost-you-hmm?'.
or, maybe 'would you lick some scoffeetea width mee in blue-moon junk-shun?'.
yeah, that should do the trick. jest daunt forget to prey hard and consistently.
yores trolly,
[weighting in vein with hiss bludgeoning vanity]
blue moon, carbon-dated august 31, 2012
; )

16 Oct 12

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lol...good read, fract, had me smiling
also me doubling dipping a line or two during one of my many hick (cups)
due to my non scientiphilosofried state of mind.

hope all's well where you be,
on the mountain with a bumble
or by the sea with kimchi

take care :)
 — jenakajoffer

either way fract is dandy w/ a bee or kim
 — unknown

i agree with this pome posing. it's that innate human call we cannot defend once it's triggered. why deny the hormones that sense of attraction? let be for dualism runs multiples.
 — unknown

wow needles! i'll find more cues..male hormones, opposing sects, stalk, find, cardiac softeeness, prey, consistently. what else do you do them fractalcore?
i'll rate for resourcefulness. nice.
 — unknown

i appreciate this now but prior to the related link on yahoo >> which only affirms things invisible to the eye. thanks for the read
 — softyetharsh