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Sugar and spice can’t make a girl twice

Defy me, define me in a swallow’s flight
and comb out an image of a girl in white
who breathes warm to melt the snow;
breathes music to make gardens grow.
Say that I, a woman of modern careers,
am a victim to those sympathetic tears
for the plights of children fresh from nests,
and I yearn to allow them my caress.
Or yet that my eyes will flare out
and my stride crushes the worm of doubt.
Say that my stare is glaring bright
and my gaze all a passion that promises fight.
Well, I’ll then reply, as if my right,
that you won’t find mythology so white.
No misogynist can tell me I should be mute.
No feminist can tell me I can’t like cute.
All fluttering curves and curling lines
make the image that a girl defines,
but nature cannot make a lady as such.
A heart and will gives the woman’s touch.

5 Nov 12

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sounds like a faith tract, its intentionslly  learned and that sets the alarm bells. its too preachy
 — unknown