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trying to be funny

he is wit
poetry rights
per heir
his sweet
odor women
cunt smell
lust hymn
in lab
eye mist
ant moor
to calm
weed >> meh!

*heir / hair
  cunt / can't  
  lust / lost
*trying to be funny -- try the pun for endless, creative delusions

i overload with musings -- only to notice i speak on another tone; someone else's - subconsciously embedded with facts on it.

i apologize for the unintentional plagiarism (on some degree) to hop inside your thoughts and be able to write in its likeness; classic incongruity -- not having read in the last year to conclude such influence.

20 Nov 12

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haha, nut[s] bah'd...
 — fractalcore

thanks, frac. you didn't say what made you fave this. was it your laugh? :p
 — unknown