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new roles

First, let me apologize for two things right away-
20% of the reason I'm telling you the following is to make you jealous
(forgivable because you cheated)
5% is just boring, old bragging
but anywho, more to the point-
bleach blonde women always set their iphones down at bars to ask me to dance
now,I'm never distracted by my beer intake (you know me, can't stomach more than 3),sixers game on tv,or lonely glaring of other men
I never let the fact that they always have the same hair color perplex me too much,afterall, that one time was a brunette from Greece
and I never (no offense) think of you and hear George Michael singing "guilty feeling, got no rythmn"
but my answers to these inquiries are always vague
and I'd like to know,if you have any idea why (the other 75% of my reasoning for this email)
our breakup, of course, was months ago, and the parties involved,and even those who were not, have all changed the channel weeks before
so I figured you would be able to grasp my question not so much from the perspective of an x but from the point of view of someone who spent a great deal of time with me
please try to ignore my attempt to make you envious, and that typical male gloating (apologies again for both)
but can you possibly, if you get a free moment of course, try to give me an answer sort of like an anthropologist or something?As it stands now, I'm quite baffled as to why I'm being so unclear.
I would surley return the favor should you ever desire my input on you (my thoughts on where that incredible look in your eyes comes from when you're listening to someone elses problems,reasons for your terrible mood most am's,why you experiment so much in your cooking etc.)
Anyway,I still plan on coming by wednesday night to pick up the rest of my dvds.Btw,is the copy of "the cooler" yours or mine? Whatever, no biggie.Did the landlord ever fix that leaky faucet? I'll take another look when I'm there.-Tom

24 Nov 12

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interesting poem!

my thoughts on roles wrest somewhere between
a sausage role & a cheesy hole wheat role.

but i see plenty of that younger-hunger here.

maybe you can get a plummer to fix all your pipes?

make the water flow, so-to-speak.
 — unknown