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Sisterhood gone

Let go...go
Away from sisterhood of past
Oh you drainer of blood fast
There's ruin... There's guilt
Poor dawn, no sun felt
The silence of untouched woods...
I have tossed your meaningless promises,
(Your words once heard now a blur)
And my heart mournful with beggars and bees misses,
And I am barely breathing for air,
When instantly this gripped me, tightning
Seven seas, a ghostly rain,
And a life of knotting pain...
I shall recognize you by your obduracy
And by your brightness and rehearsed sorries;
I will not be kind or act
Whilst your company among third parties...
All the characters memorable in nightfall
Will part from you,
And the laughter like children's
Will part from you,
And there will be no more games for the story,
In the darkness of your eyes and glory...
Hazed smoke where a battle has ended,
The mines of cover, the voices of the searching,
And every last one fallen...Oh! There
We've ended our warm summers with green trees...
Our autumn with lost leaves
Our winter with cold breeze
And simply, our spring with memories

17 Jan 13

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consider omitting "for air" in 10?  not sure it's needed.  nice poem.
 — JKWeb

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