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Out On Licence

“Kick the Fuckin' shit.
Fuckin’ old lush, turn his guts to mush.
Roll ‘im, stab 'im, boot ‘im in the nuts.”
These were the words of Chloe Jones,
spent all her life in a children’s home.
Stood in dock, misunderstood?
Don’t give a dam, can never be good.
Tony,  John Petalman and Peter regret
that they kicked the left eye from out of his head.
Membrane consumed by latter’s pit bull,
who sicked up the contents, consumed by a gull.
No laughing matter, no cause for joy
Each one is small and a very young boy.
A motive appears and it seems to be theft.
Three cans of Carlsberg stuck on a ledge.
Small brandy bottle left at the scene.
flagon of sherry in which they had pee'd.
The injured party ( deemed alcoholic)
remembers nothing just a crunch of whats solid.
Is no longer able, says his sister Mable
to drink in his local now he's disabled.
Due to the black out of his mental condition,
has now daily visits from The Shepherd Street Mission.
Young persons institutes, filled, overflowing.
Community service, thanks all for showing.

8 Feb 13

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