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For purely selfish reasons
I transformed your countenance
into a twisted, unearthly mold
with eyes sunken in and a bulbous
nose twisted as if
multiple breaks had occured
I left you with echoes of singed eyebrows
and a putty knife jabbed in your
thin, split-lipped mouth
The clay moved easily with the torment agreeing with me
that you deserved this
A dark, gray, almost charcoal color
was more than suiting
in place of
your pinkness you parade around in
But now you are scared
witnessing your doppelganger's fate
A bust of your head
you fall with as much ease as
your hand needed to slap me under my bruised eye
You have always been a coward
and now you see what your are missing

Written 11/28/06

13 Feb 13

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