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Rainbow Boy

he told me this morning how his woody
peeks from his pj's;
says it puts him on his back
while his eyes float in the sunlight,
puss tickling his balls with its whiskers.
he points to the sky, says he makes big bows
that arc across his thighs,
bending light around his cowboys
like a sexy lasso--
says I ain't seen nothin'
till he fills my mouth with skittles-
says he'll show me his black magic
if I let him put gumdrops in my sparkle box.
told him I was an 80's girl
and always loved to see a rainbow,
that I'd give him a short go
if he had unicorns in his pot of gold,
and he said
"rainbows are overrated"
and I said
"so are boners".

for my lino, circa 2008
following a brief, one-time IM chat.

25 Apr 13

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I can't fault this! What an excellent piece of ribald humour! And what a conversation!
 — nemo

thanks nemo, i'm happy to see you are making your way around the site.  glad you like this poem and found the humour in it; it's also a bit of a sentimental piece for me.  "bill" was born shortly after this poem.
 — jenakajoffer

crazy- patsy cline
 — DeformedLion

ah, the perfect theme song
 — jenakajoffer

I reckon y'all should have "crazy in love" as a theme song

jen beyonce!

 — fortuitous

i have never heard of that song, fortiu
 — jenakajoffer

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